Ryan Connolly Annual Memorial 3v3 Tournament
Ryan Connolly Annual Memorial 3v3 Tournament

Winchester Community Park

An exciting Community project initiated by the Winchester Soccer Club is underway to develop two connected properties on Cross Street in Winchester. Once completed, the 8.7 acre property will provide an integral link connecting Davidson Park, Leonard Field and Pond, and Muraco School Field into one continuous green space along the banks of the Aberjona River. The project will create the first net new multi-sport playing fields in Winchester in over thirty years and reclaim, improve and beautify a brownfield site currently unsuitable for recreational purposes. Winchester Community Park (WCP) will create open space to be enjoyed by Winchester families for generations to come.


After the opening of Ryan Connolly Field -- the complex's flagship outdoor turf stadium -- in 2016, the focus of development has shifted to the new adjacent indoor facility.


Learn more about the Winchester Community Park here.

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